The other days, a pal of mine told me that his printer has stopped working again, that he will have to buy another one. When I asked him if he ever used a CISS, he answered that he’s never heard of it. I, then, see myself obliged to repeat what I’ve said quite a few times before: do you want a printer to work for a long time, do you want to forget about ink cartridges drying up and the need of refilling, do you want to cut your printing costs by up to 95%? Then buy a CISS today.

Used with Epson, Canon, HP and Brother inkjets printers, CISS is a continuous ink supply system, a practical system because the refilling of the cartridges is made very easily, avoiding specific problems (eg. leakings, malfunctions, the need to call a specialised centre).
The printing quality of such a system is no different than the one obtained with the regular cartridges. And maybe the most important fact is, because of the very low cost of the inks used, the CISS reduces expenses with printing by up to 95%.
But let’s see how such a system works.
With the help of some little hoses, the cartridges of the printer are connected to a 4,5, 6 or 8 (depeding on the printer) special exterior tanks. Because these tanks are transparent, one can easily follow the remaining quantity of ink in them; when the ink drops low, the refilling can be easily made by the user, not being necessary to turn to a specialist. The tanks of the CISS can contain as much ink as 10 to 30 sets of original cartridges and being continuously supplied, they never dry up.
When bought, the CISS is delivered with full ink (aproximately 100ml for each colour); later on, the ink can be bought separately for each colour, in recipients of 100ml. Therefore, the bought ink is much more economical because, appart from the default cartridges that still have some ink left when they are refilled, the CISS cartridges can be used untill the last drop of ink.
One thing to remmeber is that the CISS can also be used with printers with chip protected cartridges because CISS is also protected with a writing chip that tells the printer that, practically, the cartridge is permanently filled at 100%.
Therefore, if you care for your printer, if you care for your money and last, but not least, if you care about the environment, like I said, buy a Continuous Ink Supply System…NOW. I’ve got one, been using it for more than a year and I’m very satisfied with it.
Zilele trecute, un amic imi spunea ca iar nu-i mai functioneaza imprimanta, ca va trebui sa-si cumpere alta. Cand l-am intrebat daca a folosit un sistem CISS, mi-a raspuns ca n-a auzit de asa ceva. Ma vad astfel nevoit sa repet ceea ce am mai spus de cateva ori: vrei sa ai o imprimanta care sa functioneze timp indelungat, vrei sa uiti de uscarea cartuselor si nevoia de reumplere a acestora, vrei sa reduci costurile imprimarii cu pana la 95%? Cumpara-ti chiar azi un sistem CISS!

Folosit la imprimantele cu jet de cerneala Epson, Canon, HP sau Brother, sistemul CISS este un sistem de alimentare continua cu cerneala, un sistem practic deoarece reincarcarea cartuselor se face foarte simplu, evitandu-se problemele specifice (scurgeri, defectiuni, nevoia de a apela la un centru specializat). Calitatea imprimarii cu un astfel de sistem nu difera deloc fata de cea asigurata de cartusele obisnuite. Si poate cel mai important lucru, datorita costului foarte mic al cernelurilor folosite, sistemul CISS reduce cheltuielile cu imprimarea cu pana la 95%.
Dar hai sa vedem cum functioneaza un astfel de sistem.
Cu ajutorul unor furtunase, cartusele imprimantei sunt racordate la niste rezervoare de carneala speciale, exterioare. Aceste rezervoare, in numar de 4, 5, 6 sau 8 in functie de imprimanta, fiind transparente, se poate foarte usor urmari cantitatea de cerneala ramasa, in cazul in care aceasta scade, reumplerea facandu-se foarte usor de catre utilizator, nefiind necesara apelarea la specialisti. Rezervoarele sistemului CISS contin echivalentul a 10-30 seturi de cartuse originale. Cu sistemul CISS cartusele sunt in permanenta alimentate, evitandu-se astfel riscul uscarii lor.
La achizitie, sistemul CISS se livreaza plin cu cerneala (cca. 100ml pentru fiecare culoare) iar ulterior cerneala se cumpara separat pentru fiecare culoare, in recipienti de 100ml. Astfel, cerneala cumparata este mult mai economica, deoarece spre deosebire de cartusele obisnuite in care atunci cand sunt inlocuite mai ramane cerneala, cu ajutorul sistemului CISS cu siguranta cerneala va putea fi folosita pana la ultima picatura.
De retinut ca sistemul CISS poate fi folosit si la imprimantele ale caror cartuse sunt protejete cu chip-uri deoarece la randul lui si acesta este dotat cu un chip protejat la scriere care transmite imprimantei ca practic cartusul este in permanenta plin in proportie de 100%.
Asadar, daca tii la imprimanta ta, daca tii la banii tai, si nu in ultimul rand daca-ti pasa de mediul inconjurator, asa cum am spus, cumpara-ti urgent un sistem CISS. Eu am unul, il folosesc de mai bine de un an, si sunt foarte multumit.